Oliver Aust – CEO and Owner

Oliver Aust has almost twenty years’ experience in corporate communications and public affairs, gained in senior positions in London, Brussels, and Berlin. He has long-standing experience in advising C-level executives and senior communicators of global blue-chip companies and political organisations in all areas of reputation management and public affairs. He has frequently been at the frontline of some of the most high-profile reputational challenges in Europe and he can draw on his personal experience of hundreds of media interviews as chief communicator for a publicly listed company, including many flagship programmes such as the BBC’s Today programme and Germany’s main TV news programme, Tagesschau.

Until 2010, Aust was in charge of communications and public affairs at easyJet in London where he led an international team and a network of 20+ PR agencies. Under his leadership, easyJet became a leading force in corporate communications and PA across Europe.

In his previous role, he was responsible for European transport policy at General Motors’ EU office in Brussels. He started his career as a public affairs consultant at Hill & Knowlton’s Brussels office.

Oliver Aust is bilingual in English and German, having spent ten years in London and four years in Brussels. He holds a master’s degree in political science from the London School of Economics.


Bettina Hausmann – Senior Advisor

Bettina Hausmann has twenty years’ experience in advising high-level corporate and public clients in communications. Since 2012, she has been focusing on executive training and coaching as a qualified executive coach. Bettina has developed and delivered training sessions for organisations and executives at many different global companies and in a wide variety of sectors.

She has rehearsed with executives prior to BBC Hard Talk and similar flagship television programmes, coached national ministers prior to interviews, and simulated crisis situations with leadership teams of blue-chip companies.

Bettina learned much of her trade at Hill & Knowlton, where she worked as Director from 2003 to 2012.

Prior positions in public policy enable her to communicate on complex subject matters at the highest level. In the mid-1990s, she worked as an independent consultant and speechwriter for the German Federal Chancellery. She also has in-house experience with the European Commission. She is based in Brussels.


Yves Panneels – Senior Advisor

Yves Paneels is one of the leading communications advisors for the Benelux countries, specialising in media relations, crisis communications and reputation management. Based in Brussels, Yves is a former head of communications for Virgin Express and a former spokesperson for Belgium’s national airline Sabena. A former guest lecturer at the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy in Brussels, he wrote ‘Protocol Praktisch’, the ultimate protocol guide in Belgium for PR consultants and event organisers.


Vincent Wolff – Account Manager

Vincent Wolff advises clients in corporate and political communications with an additional focus on digital media strategies and social media campaigns. Previously, he worked for one of the leading international digital communications agencies in London, where he devised and implemented digital campaigns. Amongst others, he helped ensure that Emmanuel Macron could ramp up his digital game to win the French election. Vincent Wolff is a German native speaker and has an excellent command of English. Having lived in Latin America for a couple of years, he also has an excellent command of Spanish. Wolff holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from Oxford University (MPP).


Lena Carlson – Account Manager

Lena Carlson advises clients in social media and digital campaigning. Prior to joining Eo Ipso, she worked with multinational corporations such as Deutsche Telekom and Bentley Systems and advised startups concerning their digital communications in an international context. At Deutsche Telekom she was an integral part of the communications team for hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom’s startup incubator. She also worked as a social media strategist and internal communications expert for immmr, one of Telekom’s innovation projects. Hailing from Australia, Lena holds a degree in Business Management and Journalism from the University of Queensland. She also studied at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany.


Kristin Küter – Manager of Operations

Kristin Küter leads Administration and Human Resources at Eo Ipso. She has a background in migration sociology and health policies research. She also previously worked within the hospitality industry where she strengthened her interpersonal communication skills and learned how to successfully navigate international environments. Kristin holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social sciences from Humboldt University in Berlin and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Hotelschool The Hague. She is a German native speaker with an excellent command of English and a good command of French.


Bianca Amorim Santos – Consultant

Bianca Amorim Santos focuses on social media and corporate communications. She holds a Master of Arts in Global Studies from the University of Vienna and two bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Journalism. Before joining Eo Ipso, she worked for several media outlets and for international organisations. Hailing from Brazil, Bianca is a Portuguese native speaker and has an excellent command of English.


Sierra Stalcup – Account Executive

Sierra Stalcup focuses on corporate communications and international media relations. Before joining Eo Ipso’s Berlin team, she worked for a renowned corporate communications agency in San Francisco, where she gained valuable experience in corporate communications for a variety of global clients. She is an English native speaker with a very good command of German and holds a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.


Klara Hippler – Account Executive

Klara Hippler specialises on social media and corporate communications. She is fully bilingual in both German and English thanks to her upbringing in Switzerland and England, and she is also fluent in French and Japanese. Before joining the team at Eo Ipso, she worked for a large positioning agency in the real estate and finance industry as well as in leading international publications. Klara holds a bachelor’s degree from the Free University of Berlin in History and English, where she successfully ran and published the Otto Suhr Institute’s student newspaper for several years.

Stephanie Lim – Account Executive

Stephanie Lim focuses on strategic communications and international media relations. Prior to joining Eo Ipso, Stephanie lived in Yangon, Myanmar, where she held a communications role with a leading intergovernmental organisation promoting sustainable democracy. She has also worked in sustainable development, amongst others on a research project on civic registration in South Africa, later referenced by the World Bank. Originally from Canada, she holds a Master’s of Science in Migration Studies from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto in Peace, Conflict and Justice studies.


Eden Gebregiorgis – Account Executive

Eden Gebregiorgis specialises in public affairs and strategic social media communications at Eo Ipso. She attained a Master of Public of Policy, with a focus in Public Management at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. Prior to that, she worked for a Nairobi-based social enterprise and as Administrative Coordinator at the NYC International Student Center. Eden has a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she studied Governance and Conflict Resolution. She hails from Chicago, is a native English speaker, and has an excellent command of Spanish and Tigrinya.


Diane Vitry – Account Executive

Diane Vitry specialises in public affairs and social media. Prior to joining Eo Ipso, she worked in Frankfurt am Main in the External Communications Department at Continental AG. Diane attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern and Medieval Languages from the University of Cambridge. She subsequently completed a Master’s in Media, Communications and Development at the London School of Economics. Diane is a native French speaker, learnt English whilst living abroad as a child and is fluent in Spanish and German.


Francesca Lucano – Account Executive

Francesca Lucano focuses on public affairs and strategic digital communications at Eo Ipso. She attained a Master’s Degree from the Hertie School of Governance in International Affairs. Prior to joining Eo Ipso, she worked in public affairs at the RPP Group in Rome. Originally from Italy, she has also lived in the UK prior to her arrival in Berlin. She is a native Italian speaker and is fluent in both English and German.


Isobel Hambleton – Account Executive

Isobel Hambleton focuses on podcast production and social media communications. Prior to Eo Ipso, she was studying for her Bachelor’s degree in History and English from the University of Oxford, with a particular focus on 20th Century Globalisation. She has three years of practical experience in audio production and online marketing from her work as a musician, producer and events organiser in Oxford, successfully running a series of all-female songwriter nights. She is an English native speaker.


Tania Gitler – Account Executive

Tania Gitler focuses on social media and corporate communications at Eo Ipso. She holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the Tec de Monterrey in Mexico City. Before joining Eo Ipso, she worked at Invest Lithuania, the promotions agency of the Ministry of Economy, and CIDE, a Mexican think-tank on economic research. She has significant experience in leading and coordinating interdisciplinary seminars focusing on international cooperation within academia. Hailing from Mexico, she is a native Spanish speaker and is fluent in English and German.



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