A crisis can make or break a business. With extensive experience dealing with a wide range of high-profile issues, we provide crisis planning, preparedness and training, as well as hands-on support when you need it most. 

With the right approach to crisis communications, you can strengthen your reputation even in the most challenging situations.

Support During a Crisis
We provide strategic and hands-on advice to our clients when it matters most – during critical situations and acute crises.  
Crisis Preparation 
Through combined theory and practical exercises, we equip our clients with the skills to react swiftly and professionally to any crisis. We also develop effective crisis manuals for our clients to maximise their readiness. 
Crisis Simulation
Eo Ipso plans and carries out realistic crisis simulations for clients, utilising software. Focusing on interactions with key stakeholders, a crisis simulation ensures that you are prepared for any challenging situation.

Discover how our new course, ‘How to Crisis-Proof Your Company’ can help you understand and anticipate the crises of today.

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