Solve your biggest communications challenges in just one day

Is your organisation facing a change, challenge or crisis when it comes to communications?
In the digital age, a strategic outlook is essential to solve challenges and accelerate your reputation. It is paramount for success and survival in the cut-throat world of business. 
The Reputation Accelerator is an intensive one-day workshop for motivated teams to tackle their biggest challenges, develop practical solutions and execute a new strategy immediately. 

We have previously helped teams solve a wide range of issues related to Strategic, CEO and Crisis communications such as:

Position your executive team

A change in leadership is a pivotal moment for an organisation. The Reputation Accelerator ensures that you are in charge of the narrative by helping you craft an impactful communications strategy.

Digitalise your communications

If you are struggling to succeed in the digital realm, the Reputation Accelerator will help you get to the root of the problem and build a bespoke digital strategy designed to push you forward.

Manage or prepare for a major crisis

Crisis communications is not just about surviving, it’s about turning a crisis into an opportunity to strengthen your reputation. The right preparation will ensure that your team has the skills in place to face anything that comes their way. 

Solve your biggest communications challenges in just one day

The Moderators

Oliver Aust is the CEO of Eo Ipso. He has 20 years of experience in reputation management and crisis communications, gained at companies such as easyJet and General Motors in London, Brussels and Berlin. He has frequently been at the frontline of some of the most high-profile reputational challenges in Europe.

Lena Carlson is a senior communications consultant and digital expert. She advises high profile clients on branding, digital and strategic communications. Lena facilitates the Reputation Accelerator and is also a podcast host. Prior to Eo Ipso, she worked with multinational corporations such as Deutsche Telekom and Bentley Systems.

Over the course of just one day, Eo Ipso’s expert digital and strategic communications team will guide you through both theoretical and practical aspects of reputation management to solve your communications challenge. 

The result of the workshop is clarity and impact for your team.

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