Eo Ipso Communications runs the podcast “How to Speak like a CEO”. Our team goes behind the scenes to chat with CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs to learn what it takes to master the art of communications. We ask them: What makes a good communicator? How do you tell a story that people will remember? Storytelling is key to becoming a good leader — and communicating well is harder than it seems! On the show, people let us in on how they get their message across and how they say what needs to be said.

Our podcast is available on various channels including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Click to listen to our latest episode!

We also have a dedicated website where you can find out more about the guests and the team behind the mics.

Do you want to be a guest on our show? Do you have a good idea you’d like to share? Get in touch with us by completing the form on our website (link) or by writing us directly: podcast@eoipsocommunications.com