The Eo Ipso team is highly experienced in crisis communications and has dealt with a wide range of high-profile issues and crises, including accidents, terrorist attacks, trade union disputes, court cases, natural disasters and large-scale travel disruption. We provide crisis planning and preparedness and training, as well as strategic and hands-on communications support when you need it most.

When a crisis hits, CEOs and communicators face enormous pressure from the media, the public, politicians and regulators. Communicators should do everything possible to prepare themselves and their leadership team for such an event.

It is also important to ensure that issues do not grow into crises but are addressed in real-time.

Our experience has shown time and again that issues management can be not just a tool to prevent a crisis, but can act as an opportunity to enhance your reputation and to live up to – or even exceed – expectations. This requires spot-on messaging, perfect timing, planning and careful consideration of sensitive questions in order to communicate effectively. Eo Ipso will help you to successfully strike that balance.

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