Companies are faced with an increasingly complex and challenging communications environment. Against this backdrop, Eo Ipso develops and implements strategies that are tailor-made to your business.

Using all available tools and communications channels, Eo Ipso helps you paint a positive, consistent and memorable picture of your organisation, whether it is about enhancing your company’s reputation or repositioning yourself in a certain debate or on a specific issue, such as Brexit or trade.

Eo Ipso also has long-standing experience in CEO communications and coaching for senior executives – both in English and in German. Today, the perception of a CEO drives a company’s reputation more than ever. We offer precise messaging, speechwriting, executive coaching, media training and crisis simulation, ensuring that CEOs speak with persuasion and spot-on messages with the world’s leading journalists, at high-profile events and in high-stakes situations.

Drawing on our personal experience of having given hundreds of interviews, we enable you to safely navigate even the most challenging formats.

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