Our Expertise

CEO Communication

The perception of the founder or CEO drives a company’s success today more than ever. We specialise in CEO communications to ensure business leaders and entrepreneurs can become thought leaders in their fields.

We help our clients translate their objectives into clear and convincing narratives and messages. We create and execute strategies that include digital channels and media interviews, books and podcasts, speaker opportunities and employer branding.

Crisis Communication

A crisis can make or break a business. We provide crisis planning, training, and hands-on support when you need it most. With the right response to a crisis, you can even strengthen your reputation and emerge stronger.

Through combined theory and practical exercises, we equip our clients with the skills to react swiftly and professionally to any crisis. We also develop effective crisis manuals for our clients to maximise their readiness. 

Eo Ipso plans and carries out realistic crisis simulations for clients, utilising specialised software tools.

Employer Branding

As the war for talent is intensifying, a strong employer brand no longer a nice-to-have but a prerequisite for growth.  

We help you become an employer of choice in your industry so that you can attract the best people in an ultra-competitive market.  

We help you create a strong employer brand that is aligned with candidate expectations, combined with training and a state-of-the-art hiring process. 


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