The best thing you can do this summer (ok, almost)

Just last week we ran our first online Personal Branding Bootcamp. It was a fun, insightful and educational experience. As on participant said: “You would not imagine how valuable the session was … and just at the right moment.”
I am passionate about helping people to share their unique voice with the world and it was great to start clarifying the why, what and how of building a personal brand with such a motivated group.
That is exactly what these bootcamps are for.
During the intensive one-day bootcamp, participants had the opportunity to build their personal brand statement, develop their strategy and clearly identify their target audience and overarching goals.
The bootcamp is an integral part of the 30-day personal branding program. We are already looking forward to our next bootcamps happening on 16 July and 20 August. You will be surprised by just how much progress you can make in one day in this intimate, yet intensive format.
Places are LIMITED as we want to keep the group small to ensure you get most out of it. 
Building your personal brand goes beyond the bootcamp. The 30-day program gives you the foundational tools to really discover your why, achieve clarity and formulate your strategy for success with the help of experts. 
So are you ready to join us for the next bootcamp or get started on your 30-day program to transform your career? Get in touch now or head to the website to secure your spot.
As always, I am here to answer any of your questions – whether about the program or personal branding in general.
I hope you have a good start to the week!

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