Sharing Stories: The Root of Omio’s success

When it comes to being a digital thought leader, our minds may go straight to social media. But that doesn’t have to be the case, as proven by Naren Shaam. 

Naren Shaam, the CEO and Founder of Omio (previously GoEuro), has a minimal social media presence. His LinkedIn is bare and his Twitter non-existent. Yet his personal story is entirely woven into public perception of the brand. How? 

Naren Shaam is the king of interviews. From the Guardian to Forbes, his face and voice can be found in almost every major publication. 

Naren has a knack for storytelling. 

The story itself is simple: a man, born in India, educated in the States, goes backpacking around Europe. On this trip he becomes frustrated by the fragmented nature of the transport systems that cover the continent and decides to find a solution. Three years later, GoEuro is born. 

The narrative is clear, it has a beginning, middle and end, and it positions Naren as a relatable hero. He is painted as a man of humble beginnings who has experience of the problem he aims to solve. The mention of three locations demonstrates that he is a man of the world, and what is more important for the CEO of a travel tech company?

This story has become the fabric of Omio. It gives the company a purpose, transforming it from a service into a ‘solution’. Omio is more than an interface: it is personal, it is a fellow traveller trying to make everyone’s life a little bit easier. It draws on the community culture that makes backpacking so attractive, and tarts it up with a slick website and user-friendly app.

Naren proves that a great story sticks. More importantly, Naren proves that a great story can elevate a company from a service provider to a trusted advisor. That’s why Omio looks like it’s here to stay.

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