Interview with Mathias Klenk, CEO of Passbase

Reputation Management has never been more important for CEOs across the world. We recently sat down with Mathias to record an episode of Speak Like a CEO and chat about how he manages his reputation. 

At Passbase, Mathias is working to give people ownership over their own data. After facing their own identity verification problems, Mathias and his co-founders developed their engine, Passbase, from a few friends in a tiny San Francisco apartment to a company that straddles two continents. He talked to us about communicating across time zones, creating an environment that encourages feedback and of course reputation management:

Why is your personal reputation so important as a CEO? 

It is extremely important to build a trustful relationship between the people working for you, as well as your partners and clients.

How does your personal reputation affect the company’s? 

Problems communicating decisions. Problems hiring absolute top players. Problems closing deals, since the clients don’t trust you.

Do you think it’s possible to salvage a damaged reputation? 

Over time. You have to build & gain back trust. This takes time.

What’s your golden truth when it comes to protecting your reputation?

Do what you say. Have integrity and keep your word. Trust is build over time, if you say things and do them.

You can listen to the full episode with Mathias and over fifty other CEOs, entrepreneur and founders here

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