How to present with confidence

Public speaking can come in many different forms – speeches, panel discussions or town hall meetings. Nevertheless, the formula for crafting a memorable speech remains the same and once mastered it can be adapted to suit any context.

When drafting your speech, keep these three principles in mind:

  1. Provide value to your audience. They trust you with their time and attention. They rightly expect something from you in return, be it an idea, an insight, or a solution to a problem they face.
  2.  Focus on one idea. What is the one idea or point you want to make? A speech may last five minutes or fifty, but ultimately you want the audience to remember your most powerful idea.
  3.  Focus on words not numbers. Speeches are first and foremost about conveying emotions, not disseminating knowledge. Figures sound much more impressive when they serve as evidence for your killer point, rather than a collection of random numbers.

Now that you have fine-tuned the contents of your presentation, the second step is to make sure you perfect the delivery of your message. 

In this video I breakdown everything you need to know to ensure you rmessage makes an impact. 

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