How to generate great media coverage

According to recent studies, social media is about half as trusted as traditional media sources. Despite accusations of bias and disinformation, traditional media and journalists remain trusted and influential sources of news. It is therefore in your best interest to prioritise positive coverage.

If you open a newspaper, you will probably notice that most articles about organisations or companies are negative. However, journalists are not hell-bent on writing a negative story. Negative stories are the end-product of companies handling media relations poorly and fundamentally misunderstanding how journalists work.

Journalists are incredibly busy and under substantial pressure to publish quality content while simultaneously promoting their organisation’s brand. It is unrealistic to expect that journalists will simply turn up when called or publish any self-promotional story given to them. They are proud of their voices and it would be naïve to expect them to become true friends of your organisation.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. At the end of the day, journalists are doing their job and you are doing your job. Help them to help you: share industry information, speak at their events, help with sponsored content or provide quotes and unique insights.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to build positive media relations. 

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