How to design an effective communications strategy

A communications strategy is a masterplan for how to get from the place you are now to the place you want to be in the fastest and most effective way. Without a clear strategy, you risk ending up with a series of unconnected and confused actions that will have little impact on your goals.

But how do you develop an effective strategy? When designing Tony Blair’s historic campaign, Alastair Campbell, Blair’s former director of communications, adopted the O-S-T or Objective-Strategy-Tactics approach to lead Blair to a landslide victory.

The benefit of outlining a strategy following the O-S-T format is that there’s laser focus on how to achieve your objective. It also avoids confusing tactics with strategy. Moreover, it is fast – you can get the team in a room and hammer it out in one session.

Watch the video below to see Oliver breakdown the O-S-T approach and how to use it to design a killer communications strategy.

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