How to build a brand on social media

We all want results fast when building our personal brands. But…  we are all so busy already.
So how do we square this circle?
Building a personal brand is not supposed to be a time-consuming endeavour. It is there to make your life easier and your business more profitable.
But input equals outcome, right? The more effort you put in, the better the results. Wrong.
It is all about how strategic and systematic you are, not the number of hours you dedicate to your brand.
Zero effort = zero results. However, many people spend a significant amount of time on their digital presence with little to show for it. They put in the effort and then give up, frustrated because they do not see the results they were hoping for. How come? 
If you put in inconsistent effort, say two hours per week for one month, then nothing the next month, you won’t get traction.
We see more promising results when we reach a systematic approach to personal branding. Yes, this will require some effort each and every day, but the results are significant.
By thinking strategically, you will save yourself considerable time and enjoy the process.
What does strategic effort entail? It involves putting the systems in place that will help you automate small tasks such as posting on social media. And working from a position of clarity about your objectives and your strategy.
Very few people have both a strategic and a systematic approach. But that’s the recipe for success.
It’s all about reverse-engineering. You want to start by devising your strategy. And then you can put your systems in place. In this way you increase your chances that your personal brand will be successful.
Let’s all say no to the hamster wheel. Let’s say yes to systems and strategies that play to our strengths and bring us and others joy!
In this week’s video, I shared a graph that illustrates this reverse-engineering process and that will help you to build a strategic and systematic personal brand.

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