5 things you can learn online at home this weekend

Given the current situation, many of us will be stuck at home this weekend with ample free time. In lieu of going on vacation, this weekend may be the perfect opportunity to learn something new at home. If you’re sick of the 1000-piece puzzle that’s half-finished in your living room, and baking sourdough is not for you, why not think about enhancing your professional skillset with an online course. Online courses are an excellent way to learn a new skill. Designed to help you develop your skills in a fun and flexible way, online courses have a high return on …

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Empathy, Solidarity, Leadership: How to communicate in a crisis

How leaders communicate has a huge impact on how well we will deal with this crisis. We have seen many great examples in recent weeks – those who lift our spirits, treat citizens as adults, and help protect the public.  Unfortunately we have also seen some counterproductive and even divisive statements. For those of us who are called upon to communicate in this crisis – be it with our teams, business partners or the public – please keep the following principles of communication in mind: Empathy – Solidarity – Leadership.  Below, I share some of my best advice for how …

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How to build your personal brand and crack the LinkedIn code

For many professionals today, it is crucial to build a personal brand to help take your reputation to the next level. For 20 years, I’ve been working with CEOs, executives and founders across the globe to do exactly this. The questions I get asked time and time again are: How should I build my personal brand? How can I stay ahead of the competition and boost my career? How can I leverage my social networks like LinkedIn? Why LinkedIn? Gaining traction with LinkedIn is not an easy feat, but a worthwhile exercise, nonetheless. LinkedIn really is the number one professional …

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How to Build your Personal Brand

Why Communications is a Hard Skill

Today, mastering communications is not simply a matter of adding another string to your bow. Communications has become a fundamental or hard skill for CEOs, executives and anyone with ambition. Without excellent communication, it is almost impossible to succeed professionally or personally in the 2020s. What triggered this fundamental shift from soft to hard skill? In short, automation and artificial intelligence. They are revolutionising our lives and workplaces: everything that can be automated or digitalised will be over the course of the next few decades. This need not be a cause for despair; on the contrary, it is an opportunity …

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Why CEO Communications is More Important Than Ever

Milton Friedman’s dictum that the social responsibility of CEOs is to deliver profits for their shareholders was dealt its latest and perhaps most significant blow on 19 August. 181 members of Business Roundtable, the leading business lobby in the United States, issued an open letter addressing the “Purpose of a Corporation”. The signatories, including the CEOs of Amazon, American Express and Walmart, declared “each of our stakeholders is essential. We commit to deliver value to all of them, for the success of our companies, our communities and our country”. It is obvious that society’s understanding of their role is currently …

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What Does the Green New Deal Mean for your Communications?

The European Green New Deal has been the topic on everyone’s lips in this new start to the decade. Businesses, governments, non-for-profits and individuals alike are waiting to see how these innovative pledges will shape the coming thirty years. What exactly will this ground-breaking initiative mean for your organisation and your communications? Be part of the solution: Embracing the Green New Deal is the right thing to do and makes sense from a reputational perspective. It also makes sense from a business perspective: today, customers, employees and investors want businesses to value people, planet and profit rather than merely pursue profits. …

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Building a Great Reputation Starting Today

Thank you to all those who joined the book launch of Mastering Communications event at betahaus last night. The event gave room to an insightful discussion on what it takes to build a great reputation in the digital age, led by Mali Baum, CEO and founder of WLOUNGE, and myself. Three key takeaways struck me as important:   1. Reputation and business performance go hand-in-hand. Only 20 years ago, CEOs were expected to focus on performance and end-of-year results; reputation was secondary. With the visibility of CEOs on the rise, a company’s market value is now in large part based on the reputation of …

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Five Communications Trends for 2020

Will the sole focus of 2020 be digital communications? Not quite. The future belongs to those CEOs and communicators who master both digital and in-person communications. Here are the five trends that will shape communications in 2020 and beyond. 1) The CEO is becoming the centre of attention: Recently, CEOs, founders and executives have been ramping up their social media and digital presence. Many also stepped up to the mic to deliver keynotes at high-level events and conferences. In 2020, the spotlight will shine even brighter on CEOs, as they are expected to have an authentic personal presence on digital networks, lead …

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