Oliver is our chief strategist. With 20 years of experience in communications, Oliver is one of the leading experts in Europe and a trusted advisor to many CEOs. He is also an author and podcast host.

Oliver Aust

CEO & Founder

Bettina is a leading international communications specialist and trainer. Bettina has worked with high profile corporations, governmental organisations and startups from over 100 countries.

Bettina Hausmann

Senior Advisor

Yves is our Benelux advisor, specialising in media relations, crisis and reputation management. He is the author of ‘Protocol Praktisch’, the ultimate protocol guide in Belgium for PR consultants.

Yves Panneels

Senior Advisor

Vanessa is an expert in strategic communications. She advises leading international aerospace clients in strategic and digital communications. Vanessa holds a Master’s degree and a PhD from the University of Oxford. 

Dr. Vanessa Meier

Senior Account Manager

Bianca Amorim is our chief designer and visual storyteller. Originally from Brazil, she creates impactful video, audio and graphical content for clients. Bianca has a master’s degree from the University of Vienna.

Bianca Amorim

Head of Visual Communications

Diane is a passionate content creator. Working in four languages, she helps clients foresee the issues at stake in the digital age. Diane has two degrees from the University of Cambridge and the LSE.

Diane Vitry


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